6 axis vertically articulated robot's load capacity is 2kg

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Mitsubishi Robot RV-2FL

Refurbished Mitsubishi six Axis Robot, Robot consists of robotic arm RV-2FL, controller, teaching box, manuals, and cables.

Mitsubishi RV-2FL 2 kg lifting capacity) robot is completely user friendly and It can be programmed with the teach pendant as 
well as with a PC.
offers speed and high Precision performance over conventional industrial robots, boasting a maximum speed 
of 4200mm/sec, 642mm reach and a position repeatability of +/-0.02mm.
Servo Motors equipped with absolute encoders, which eliminates the need to return to the origin when power is turned on.This alsosolves the problem of interface by peripheral devices during origin setting. A 64-bit RISC CPU is used, with improved functions, performance and expandability, robot languages, MELFA-BASIC IV and MoveMaster (MoveMaster Command), are included in the standard configuration,   

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